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Cigarrettes smoked by the light of a bulb Words are meant to be said again Your face, pale white, is blushing at once Things you’ve said I didn’t hear Up the elevator Lusty eyes; no need of translator Down the elevator No return; you’ve turned on my crater Too much warmth, so little the space [...]


Talk, talking to Talk, talking to Talk, talking to Talking, talking to me (x2) Then who the hell else are you talking to… Who the fuck d’you think you’re talking to? Well I’m the only one here with you You make the move. It’s your move… I am God’s lonely man My life’s taken a [...]


You’re just a witch full of spite Too much of you will make me blight Don’t bother! I wouldn’t like to fight Roll over and turn off the light Don’t wanna see your woeful plight (x4) Another freak, oh no! Too meak to me, d’you know? I’ll give you a week no more… Shut up [...]


As I can’t Understand Here I am At your command If I could If you will Point the hood Pay my bill Don’t know why Don’t know when I’m not allowed To see you again Don’t know why Don’t know when You forbade me To be your man (Chorus repeat: If I only could) If [...]


Poor dickheads! You’re braindeads! Yes-men stooges, brown-noses, arse-lickers… Laziness! Idleness! Soulless zombies. I wonder what’s in your heads… When bad days come you’ll get stuffed Obedient pets, they’ll sober you up Scrounging our meals. Don’t you get mad? Oh, how I loath seagulls darken the sun… Won’t steal us the sun! Eh, eh, eh… Ass-kissers [...]

Our oath

Brushed me off to deep and broken hollows Brushed me off to dimmed and darkened lands You still hide in grounds I cannot follow Endless fall as you released my hand Brushed me off Brushed me off Brushed me, brushed me off… Brushed me off to deep and broken hollows Brushed me off to dimmed [...]


Uuhh, uuhhh, uuhhh, uuuh(x4) Here they come What’s so fun? I think you don’t understand… Forget of being free, No more you and me… Trust me: that’s no li-li-li-life. Uuhh, uuhhh, aaahhh, aaauh (x4) A brand new car! Your dreamt house! Lion’s tail or big mouse? Get a low rate loan Everything must go! Of [...]


Damn! Party is over again We’re just workers of fun And we do what we can Bang! We are over the bell And the effect of the spell Now is going to hell But this is not goodbye either farewell Hope to see you soon any given day If you like our show go and [...]


Maybe would be better To leave it until later Look, we are in lather And this skrew could last for ever Baby if you were clever You’d give me boot or tether But think twice you should weather I’ve been loving you since ever Moments of reflection That steal me satisfaction All I need is [...]


Unless those rotters cut my tongue and their lash break me up I’ll always find the way to be the gospeler of your wonders Even if sorrow spoil my soul and pain tears my heart apart I’ll always know how to make you sparkle and laugh with my blunders Despite death may come for me [...]